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Top 10 Places to Go in the Winter

Winter is coming and summer vacations aren’t only the popular time to go traveling as with many winter vacations, there is ample time to explore with breaks from school, work and the in-betweens of holidays and New Year’s, so maybe winter is the new exploration for summer. Here are the top 10 places to go travel in the winter. Also, trick your friends by coming back with a tan that they will sure to be envious of…just one of the many perks!

And best winter destinations are:

  1. Thailand
  2. Jordan
  3. Puerto Rico 
  4. Brazil
  5. Japan
  6. United States
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Egypt
  9. Mexico
  10. Australia

1. Thailand

Thailand is a popular winter vacation destination due to its warm climate and for being relatively budget-friendly. The sunniest months are December and January and if you’re looking for unique places to visit, try visiting the Northern part of Thailand and go to Lampang, famous for adventures in its jungles and mountains. 

Moreover, if you are a sports lover, Thailand is popular for sports tourism for disciplines like Muay Thai, which can be an important pilgrimage destination for many fighters who are looking to amplify their skillset, so you can participate in many more forms of tourism rather than just sightseeing alone.

Thailand in winter
Beautiful Thai Temple

2. Jordan

Jordan has long been a popular destination for many tourists, starting from March to mid-July/August. However, as the temperature creeps up in Jordan, the summers can be brutal and the places to go sightsee can be immensely overcrowded, which makes it a more unique destination in the winter time. The country is a great all year round destination depending on the activities you want to get involved in due to its biodiversity.

December marks the beginning of winter season in Jordan and many of the sites, which are open 365 days of the year, are quite empty. Moreover, exploring the North of Jordan during the winter season makes it quite pleasant for hiking, like Ajloun, Umm Qais and Jerash as the temperatures can get quite warm during the summer months. However, the temperature drops in January and sometimes there is even a chance for snow, so if you’re planning on visiting, ideally visit before the end of December to not get caught in cold weather. Here are some Jordan destinations in the winter that you won’t want to miss!

Jordan during winter season
Residential district in Amman city in night

3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a unique destination for those hoping to see an intersection of cultures from Spanish to African culture all in one place. From November to about April the weather in Puerto Rico isn’t necessarily humid, but stays around a good temperature, 21 degrees celsius on the coast. 

Also, if you’re lucky enough to go to PR during the wintertime, you will be happy to get involved in holiday customs, such as ‘parrandas,’ a Puerto Rican carnival-like street party that dates back to almost the 19th century. With tons of street parties, fireworks, lighted floats, dancing and parades, you are sure to get more than what you asked for in the sunny land of Puerto Rico. 

Winter in Puerto Rico
San Juan Puerto Rico

4. Brazil

Opposite the Northern Hemisphere, you will see the summer season beginning from December to March, while July to September are the winter months. For many people who are looking to escape colder winter temperatures, then Brazil is a perfect time to visit.

Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the perfect places to go since they are along the coast and you will have many opportunities to soak in some sun. 

Since the days are also hot during Brazil’s summertime, festivities are tropical.

Brazil in winter
Salvador, Brazil

5. Japan

Japan can get cold in the winter, so it is not necessarily a spot for snowbirds to escape too, however, if you live in a climate that already has some great warmer weather, you may be looking to escape to something a bit more on the colder side, which makes Japan a great place to enjoy custom traditions and festivals that are only unique to the winter season.

Also, a plus plus is that if you are a sake lover, there are plenty of tours you can take to stay warm with some hot sake. 

Japan lights up during the winter season and festivals are all over the country. One of the most famous festivals is the Sapporo Snow Festival which is held in Sapporo City. It is held for one week and over 2 million visitors come from Japan and all over the world. There are displays of hundreds of small and large statues and if you’re lucky enough, you can also go sledding and enjoy some warm Ramen around town.

Snow in Japan
Wajima, Japan Skyline

6. the United States

Featured on our previous blog of The Best Christmas Vacation Ideas and Destinations for 2022, there are many places you can visit in the United States that either have options for you to go to the snow, like Utah or go to sunnier destination like California for a true California Christmas, where you may see Santa Claus relaxing on the beach.

For a family friendly destination, we most certainly recommend California or even Florida if you want to go ahead and take a visit to magical destinations like Disneyland or Disneyworld.

Also, in the most recent of years with post-pandemic, one of the best ways to explore the U.S. is by taking a car and going on a road trip, just be sure not to replicate the mishaps from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Warm places in the US
Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise, San Francisco, California

7. the Czech Republic

Prague meets its popularity in the summer with an influx of tourists, however, during the winter, it is almost tourist free and a relatively cheaper destination in Europe to visit.  Also, the winter is an amazing time to visit with Christmas Markets that go well after New Year’s, plenty of warm comfort food and wine, like mulled-wine. 

The Old Town Square fills up during the winter for Christmas Markets and different types of trinkets you can purchase from people who make handicrafts, moreover, there is a beautiful and massive Christmas tree that adorns the city. 

Moreover, castles in the winter, in Europe, just seem something out of a movie to at least experience once. Remember, if you are looking for a comfort treat, Trdelnik, a cinnamon pastry.

Sunset in Czech Republic
Prague Czech Republic

8. Egypt

“I went to Egypt with my dad.” If you can recall this quote from a popular television series that went for 10 seasons, then you are most likely a millennial or new generation z that just happened to stumble on it via Netflix, but no matter who you are, Egypt is always a good idea in the winter time. 

High season is in the Summer, however it can get very very hot and even people visiting during October are still dealing with some of the remnants of Summer as it transitions to Fall and then Winter, which makes Egypt a great winter place destination. 

Luxor and Aswan can be visited in shorts and a light jacket at night, winter street food, such as sweet potatoes or sahlab fill the streets of Cairo, and prices tend to plummet down from high season. 

Also, a win-win is that you can visit the Red Sea where it is still warm and visit the famous sites without swarms of people. 

Pyramids and clouds
Sunset view of Pyramid complex of Giza, in Cairo, Egypt

9. Mexico

Mexico has always been a popular tourist destination, but more recently, it has gotten its revival with many people who decided to visit it post-pandemic after not being able to travel very far from the U.S. With so much history and tradition, hitting the streets of Ciudad de Mexico is a perfect place to understand lineage and history. You can opt for cooler destinations, like the colorful Oaxaca for history, cultural hotspots and food markets. Or you can opt for the coast to Tulum, which is one of the more popular destinations in the winter and the summer, since it still has some of the best weather in the country.

Mexico, Quintana Roo, Tulum, friends relaxing on the beach

10. Australia

Similar to Brazil, Australia follows a summer that begins in December and lasts through February. So escaping to this summer hotspot is definitely popular for those that need to get away from the cold. Remember, if you’re looking for something budget friendly, then Australia may not be the spot for their summer months if high season.

Australia in Winter
Karijini Australia

So whether you are a snowbird looking to escape to warmer winters or someone who is lucky enough to experience one warm season all year round, we hope these top 10 places to go in the winter will inspire the traveler in you to not just experience breaks in the summer and go for a new route!

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