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10 Vacation Safety Tips for Better Traveling You Should Know

You’re getting ready to go on vacation, everything is clear, your destination, your package and of course, your plane ticket. Now comes to thinking about your next steps, safety. Here are 10 vacation safety tips for better traveling you should know about. These tips will help you prepare from the beginning of your trip to everything in between.

And here are 10 safety tips for traveling alone you should know

  1. Use smart technology
  2. Go with the flow of the locals
  3. Try to understand cultural differences and adhere to guidelines
  4. Start your safety check at home
  5. Pack all the necessities and double it
  6. Be a minimalist
  7. Look for reliable expert guidance
  8. Don’t try to do it on your own
  9. Disconnect for your safety and peace of mind
  10. Have some backup payment options

1. Use smart technology

Use it wisely. Ensure before you go on vacation that all of your files are backed up, important documents uploaded and saved, even sent to yourself and all of  your location services are ready to go. 

Don’t cheap out while going on vacation because of the internet, sometimes getting some international data while traveling will help you tremendously, especially if it is to ensure you know where you are going and are able to communicate with someone who can help or call in case of an emergency. Thankfully, you can also opt for local calling cards for emergencies. 

Technology is at your disposal to make things easier and safer. 

2. Go with the flow of the locals

Be aware of your surroundings and go with the flow. 

While you may be home away from home, try to utilize some of your perceptions to notice what locals are doing. 

Locals are always going to be aware of their surroundings and know where the best and most reliable places to go are, which you shouldn’t shy away from asking or knowing. This can also ensure that you are not getting ripped off by unreliable people and truly living an experience worth traveling for. 

At Global Tribes, we offer this safety and assurance with our locals by providing local and cultural experiences. Allowing you to explore less discovered routes with people who are going to take you to reliable and safe places. 

3. Try to understand cultural differences and adhere to guidelines

Cultural differences and guidelines are important in many parts of the world. 

You shouldn’t dismiss certain cultural guidelines and differences as strange to you, but rather there to help keep you safe and comfortable, so you’re not standing out. 

For instance, we created a cultural guideline in Jordan to help you understand some of the ways in which locals are accustomed to in Jordan. 

Also, for the perception of safety. There might be some things you consider unsafe, that could merely be cultural differences, so it’s better to know before assuming! 

4. Start your safety check at home 

The worst thing is traveling and then something happening with your home or belongings in your departure point. Try to ensure that you have all the safety measures in place equipped at home, by safeguarding your home and valuables, having reliable people check in on your pets, utilizing smart ring cameras, putting important items with people close to you and lastly, trying not to leave a trace of when exactly you’re leaving. 

Leaving over announced, may put you at risk for safety before you leave and that’s not what you need before escaping to a vacation. 

5. Pack all the necessities and double it 

Safety for your health and wellbeing is a big one of traveling in 2022. Don’t be stranded with not having the necessary items for your health in place. 

If you have any prescription medication, vitamins or otherwise necessary deemed items for your health, consider trying to pack twice and then make sure you have all of your prescriptions on hand and documented before you go. 

If you’re traveling with someone and feel comfortable, try to share with them any issues you may face with your health, so you always have a buddy in keeping you safe. 

6. The Best Vacation Safety Tips We Have For You, Be a minimalist 

A contradictory statement to the above, but above we were discussing the rules for keeping your safety and wellbeing safe, for this tip, we are merely recommending your belongings while traveling. 

Keeping your clothes and belongings to a minimum also ensures that you are not needing to track down certain items and know exactly what you packed and where. This could also ensure and keep you in multiple destinations if you’re going. 

For instance, don’t get stuck in the loop of what many travelers do while going around Europe by taking checked-in luggage, you put unnecessary attention on yourself and have to now inefficiently keep track of multiple bags. 

7. Look for reliable expert guidance

Booking with a reliable tour agency, destination management company or tour operator ensures the biggest part of your safety. 

This means that they will take all of the second-guessing of logistics out of your hands and have their contact information safe kept with you, should anything go wrong. 

Also, going with the flow of keeping along with the locals, using expert guidance and booking with experts, keeps the unnecessities of being caught up in a place or destination that may raise red flags. 

For instance, car rentals are a big one. If you’re driving around your destination, then you want to ensure that you have a reliable means of transport, which can begin by researching or even asking certain Facebook groups of your destination what their suggestions are. 

8. Don’t try to do it on your own 

We admire and love solo travelers, but it truly does take a village, and that saying is not just about raising children but to make anything work. 

Communities are a part of traveling, meaning that if you lack awareness of the country you’re visiting and going to for the first time, trying to do everything on your own, may include a hefty price of leaving your safety at bay. 

Being unaware of certain things you are not used to from back home is okay and that’s why having a helping hand is also okay. 

For instance, if you’re traveling with a friend, look at both your strengths and weaknesses and divide up tasks and other types of things you should be aware of, including resources. 

Don’t leave answers unquestioned and try to figure them out as you go. No one can truly do it alone and no one is expecting you too. 

9. Disconnect for your safety and peace of mind

Also contradictory to the above, but hear us out. Leaving your posting and location whereabouts to later to when you have left. 

Also, from a traveling perspective, this gives you time to truly live in the present so you can enjoy what traveling is truly about. 

Putting your location on spot or putting where you are staying/posting your photos in those moments also makes it very 

10. Have some backup payment options

We all know the rules and tips of not carrying all your cash at once, or keeping just the necessities of payments when you go out and hidden. 

But just in doubt, something happens, having an extra credit card, safeguarding back at your hotel or having other means of payment could keep you safe. 

Especially, if they otherwise get stolen or lost, you’re not stressing out on one source. 

Also, make sure you inform your bank where you are traveling beforehand so they do their part in keeping you safe and not block any payments. 

Extra Tip: When in doubt, ask, ask, ask and then ask some more 

Part of traveling is exploration and adventure, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be unsafe. 

This could go for anything, but for instance, food is a big one. Being aware of your safety when it comes to picking out food places by asking all the right people, includes a palatery experience that will be joyful at the end. 

For the best safekeeping, if you’re staying in a hotel, asking the concierge or local staff or even asking your travel agent beforehand, you can pick up and write down some pieces of information to be aware of. 

For instance, a popular destination in Paris is Montmartre, a beautiful and historical place, but some of the aggressive street vendors make it a bit harder to enjoy. Knowing this information from a local who worked at the Louvre, made me even more aware of traveling before going and I felt like I fit in like a local. 

Safety and exploration go hand in hand, so safe traveling is joyful traveling. Following some safety tips for your next vacation before going will ensure that you have the best experience possible and lastly are able to truly kick your stress behind you. 

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