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Top 10 Kyrgyzstan Tourist Attractions You Need To Visit Right Now

Located in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous region with remnants of ancient civilizations and semi-nomadic living that is still practiced today. With beautiful naturescapes, there are over 1,000 lakes and almost 40,000 rivers. Here are the top 10 tourist attractions you need to visit in Kyrgyzstan. 

National Parks in Kyrgyzstan

The national parks in Kyrgyzstan are some of the best places to visit with naturescapes, endless flora and fauna and some traces of semi-nomadic life, still practiced today. 

1. Ala-Archa National Park

Ala archa, roughly translates to colorful juniper as the national park is full of these majestic trees. Located just outside of the capital, Bishkek, about 35 kilometers, get ready to inhale some fresh air in the alpines. 

You will have the chance to see beautiful waterfalls, a concentration of and amazing rock formations. Who wouldn’t want to roam the greenery and maybe do some singing? 

The best time to visit the national park is in late summer and early fall.

Ala-Archa National Park

2. Chon-Kemin National Park

The protected national parks include a vast river with plenty of flora and fauna, including rare species and botanical reserves. Get ready to explore and take a deep breath in nature’s bounty. 

With plenty to see and do, some of the activities you can enjoy in the national park include horseback riding, which is popular amongst locals, hiking, fishing and rafting.

Chon-Kemin National Park

Valleys and Lakes

With an impressive magnitude of lakes and valleys, Kyrgyzstan is home to almost over 1,000 lakes and 40,000 rivers, all waiting for you. 

1. Djety-Oguz Gorge

Roughly translating to Seven Bulls in English, this valley holds a symbolic meaning to locals as the rock formations look like bulls.

With a naturescape of flush trees, overgrown with grass and pine, the valley also includes hot springs where water has been enriched with radon and hydrogen sulfide. 

Known to locals for its healing properties, the entrance of the gorge also includes “Broken Heart” rock. 

And what better way to explore the gorge than through horseback riding and traditional Kyrygz music.

 Djety-Oguz Gorge

2. Issyk Kul Lake

Known as the pearl of Kyrgyzstan, it roughly translates to English as a hot lake, because the water never freezes over, even when the temperature of the country drops cold. 

Known for its crystal clear water, it is known as the second-largest saline lake and still holds remnants of ancient civilization as it was once a stopover for the Silk Road. 

While at the lake, you have the opportunity to experience Nomadic eagle hunting, an ancient tradition still preserved and practiced today. You can also stay in a Yurt overnight on the lake and live like a nomad. 

Known as one of the touristic attractions in Bishkek, this is a great place to venture.

Issyk Kul Lake

3. Son-Kul Lake 

Son-Kul lake has an impressive altitude of 3016 meters. Featuring some of the freshest water in Kyrygyzstan’s natural scenery and second largest lake in the country, it has an impressive clarity where you can see to the bottom point. 

With traces of ancient civilizations and nomadic tribes who are still living there today, its spacious meadows allow you to feel a part of the past and present. 

Featuring the national horse games shows, get to enjoy folkloric traditions, Boorsok cooking and get the chance to build and stay in a Yurt. 

In our 10 day package in Kyrgyzstan, you have the opportunity to actually witness these folkloric shows

Son-Kul Lake

History and Hieroglyphs 

With an impressive amount of naturescapes, Kyrgyzstan also holds an impressive amount of history and remnants of hieroglyphs to see. 

1. Karakol

Karakol holds some of the most diverse history and local cuisine. With an intersection of different cultural and culinary traditions, you can go on walking tours of the city to see Dungan/Uyghur culture and enjoy its cuisines. 

Visit the Dungan Mosque where you can learn about the history of Chinese-Muslims who fled persecution and also the Orthodox Cathedral. On your visit to Karakol, you can also see and meet people who make local handicrafts and enjoy culinary masterclasses. 


2. Cholpon-Ata Petroglyphs and Ruh-Ordo Cultural Center

Close to the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul Lake, the Cholpon-Ata petroglyphs are quite a sight to see as it is an open air museum highlighting historical rock carvings, dating back to almost 4th century A.D.

The Ruh-Ordo Cultural Center, on the other hand, is a complex that features almost 10 mini museums, highlighting all of Kyrgyzstan culture and different backgrounds. With dozens of paintings and local handicrafts on site, you will learn more about the country’s past and its present.

Cholpon-Ata Petroglyphs and Ruh-Ordo Cultural Center

3. Bishkek 

Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan is nothing short of worth visiting with its museums and accessibility to the gorges we have mentioned above. 

The Ala-Too Square highlights the Epic of Manasa, an 18th century poem that is almost 500,000 lines long. This is also a great place to do some shopping for your loved ones back home!


4. Osh Bazaar 

The Osh Bazaar in Bishkek is a huge open-air market with many things to see and do. Maybe even step back in time to the Silk Road days because you have the opportunity to buy many dried food products and spices. It is a great place to visit in Bishkek to get a lay of the local land. 

Remember to buy some famous honey, which is recognized as some of the best in the world. 

Osh Bazaar

5. Burana Tower, one of the best kyrgyzstan tourist attractions

The Burana Tower is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and about 80 kilometers from the country’s capital Bishkek. The unique minaret, built in the 11th century has been through many tumultuous times, but it is still a great place to learn about Kyrgz history and you have the chance to even climb to the top of the minaret and take in all of the views. 

Burana Tower

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