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A Complete List of What to Do in Tunisia

Tunisia here you come, especially after reading this list and making the correct choice to go visit. Visiting Tunisia means being able to revel in its history, traditions and moreover, modernity with the hustle and bustle of the city, so here is a complete list of what to do in Tunisia and with Global Tribes, you can begin your journey to Tunisia with a minimum of 3 days and going up to 10. The only question is, when?

1. Stay in a Cave in Matmata

Matmata, located in the Southern part of Tunisia is a quaint town with century old history and a great place to visit for movie buffs who are into that one movie, that took place in a galaxy far far away. Known for its underground cave dwellings or the more scientific form, troglodytes, its main feature was that it stayed cool in the summer and warm in the winters, also helping keep away debris and dust from the winds of the desert. By visiting Matmata, you can be met with the locals who are still preserving their traditions today and even have a chance to stay in a troglodyte where you have the opportunity to sit back and imagine a very old landscape of Matmata before.

2. Learn About Amazigh History in Tamezret 

Also located in Tamezret, the Southern Part of Tunisia also holds underground cave dwellings and houses built on hills, with incredible views, if you’re lucky enough to be there on a clear night. More interestingly enough, Tamezret still includes a lot of remnants of Amazigh history, with some people even still speaking the Berber language. So when you’re in Tamezret, you will have the opportunity to sightsee, enjoy some “Tay” Tunisian tea on the mountains and visit the Musee Berbere de Tamezret.

Learn About Amazigh History in Tamezret 
This image from our experience in Tamezret

3. Take A Cultural Tour of Tataouine 

Forever commemorated in the hearts of movie lovers as the immortalized place of Star Wars, Tataouine, another gem, located in the South is a perfect place to get familiarized with locals, see some unquestionably unique landscape and take a tour of the famous Star Wars site of filming. 

4. Make Recycled Art in Gabes

Learn to take natural resources and turn them into art with a local who has been creating sustainable and self-sufficient art like papermaking based on old Tunisian methods. You can be part of an old history of Tunisian ancestry that preserves art in the modern world. Moreover, Gabes has an incredibly unique landscape to see, so for someone who wants to enjoy an oasis, desert and beach, then this is truly the place for you. 

5. Get Ready for Art and Storytelling in Tunis

Get ready for a mix of storytelling through art and old history with a tour in Tunis, a UNESCO world heritage site. By going through the “Medina of Tunis” you will have the chance to experience local handicrafts, old history and see parts of the city that are truly a wonder of the eye. Then, you will get to see a new breath in the city through the colorful street art that has been handcrafted by some local Tunisian artists.

6. Underground Scene in Sfax 

Sfax, is truly a unique site where different architectural styles meet and holds some truly extraordinary historical sites, like the Casbah Museum, Sfax Archeological Musuem and the Sfax Grand Mosque, which has a grand minaret. There’s also beaches that are covered with white sand and clear waters that are meant to be enjoyed. However, Sfax, similar to Tunis also has been a landscape to many modern artists, with bright underground art pieces. When visiting Sfax, you will also have the chance to create a masterpiece of your own.

7. Tour the Historic Kairouan 

Kairouan is just another UNESCO world heritage site in Tunisia that you can’t miss. The city, founded by the Umayyads has been a meeting point for many years for many people, due to its significance in Islam. And while, you do not need to be a practicing Muslim to enjoy its various sites, it can adorned by many architectural lovers who enjoy seeing different types of architectural landscapes worldwide. As a great place to visit for historical, architectural and cultural reasons, it should be added onto your list. 

With Global Tribes, we are an online traveling platform that offers Tunisia as one of our destinations where you can start your journey from 3 days minimum, going up to 10 days. Thankfully, our 10 day package includes all of the sites above where you have the chance to see and visit all that Tunisia has to offer. 

So whether it is papermaking with Mohammad and creating self sufficient art or taking a storytelling tour with Safaa in “Medina of Tunis,” Global Tribes offers the solution between great and unique accommodations like sleeping in an underground cave to activities that are to be immortalized in your traveling journey. 

So we go back to the only question above, when will you be ready to book? Let’s Go

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