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10 Unique Things to Do in Amman

Amman, the capital of Jordan is a unique gem that often gets overlooked when visiting Jordan, but the country’s ‘wasat’ or middle is full of unique activities, places and faces to see with the familiarity of a modern city and its historic roman past. Here are 10 Unique Things to Do in Amman when visiting Jordan. Are you ready to explore?

And here is our list of activities in Amman:

  1. Visiting the old signs museum of Amman
  2. Take a tour to see the street art in the city
  3. Cardio! Take a tour to climb the stairs in Amman
  4. Go to your rooftop
  5. Visiting Amman Citadel
  6. Hiking in Amman
  7. Venture for Views in Amman’s Countryside
  8. R&R
  9. Visiting Souk Jara
  10. Visiting the Royal Automobile Museum

So! Are you ready? Let’s start…

1. Olds Signs of Amman – Museum 

Location: Downtown Amman 

Price: Free 

Located in Amman’s historic downtown, Old Signs of Amman is a museum dedicated to the loves of typography and vintage ads. Upstairs from Cafe Central, another local gem in the city for hook and backgammon, Old Signs of Amman was created out of a necessity for preserving the art of old signage and Arabic calligraphy. Many of the signs displayed have an almost 70 year old history and many were hand painted by the tedious craftsmanship of a ‘khattat’ or professional calligrapher. 

Paired with the backdrop of Old Downtown, Old Signs of Amman, allows you to step in the present and explore the lost art of signage. On your way down, you can also stop at Cafe Central for a cup of coffee or tea and revel in the hustle and bustle of today’s modernity.

2. Street Art in Amman

Location: All Over Amman

Price: Varies depending on self-guided tour or guided

Street Art in Amman plays an important role in revitalizing the city’s once neutral colored landscape. From Old Signs of Amman to the new age of artists, Street Art in Amman plays an important role in putting forth bright colors, cultural messages and an homage to daily life in Amman.

You might even be lucky to see a street artist along the way creating yet another piece to honor the city. 

3. Stairs, Stairs, Stairs

Location: All over Amman

Price: Not applicable 

Amman or more lovingly known to locals as 7 Hills because it was constructed on 7 Hills or ‘jabal’ mountains has a unique urban landscape. 

Many of Amman’s older neighborhoods like Jabal Al-Hussein, Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Jabal Amman and more still have well preserved old stairs and some are even colorful sights to walk on, making you feel like you’re walking on a rainbow. 

Some stairs even connect from one neighborhood to another, like from Jabal Al-Weibdeh to Waset El Balad “downtown.” 

The infamous Rainbow Stairs in Amman next to Zara Center are some of the most beautiful sites to see and take some pictures. Moreover, what a great way to get some exercise, especially after indulging in some delicious street food treats. 

4. Take a View or Two – Atop a Rooftop 

Location: All Over Amman

Prices Vary 

With Amman’s urban landscape built on top of its seven hills, the most beautiful way to embrace the city is through its views. 

Places like Booksat Cafe in Jabal Amman or Dar Al-Anda or Bait Baladna in Jabal al Weibdeh provide for some beautiful views of the stacked city and views into the old and new. 

Moreover, Carakale Brewing Company in Fuheis provides for some of Amman’s more green views, craft local beer included. 

5. Amman Citadel 

Location: Downtown

Price: 2 JD for foreigners, 0.50 for locals and free for all Jordan Pass holders

While the Amman Citadel isn’t necessarily a unique place to visit in Amman amongst its popularity, it is a place that you cannot miss while visiting the city. 

The reason being is that it perfectly pairs how the capital has glided between its modernity and history. The Amman Citadel holds a long history, dating back to the Neolithic Era. With its artifacts and museum where many items were acquired, you can envision a historical past and enjoy its modern view. Don’t forget to visit Dar Ne’meh for some amazing local food and local handmade products. Also, while the citadel closes at night, you can still be there during some seasons to enjoy the sunset. 

Thankfully, our packages include a trip to the Amman Citadel where you can soak in everything it has to offer!

6. Take a Guided Tour – Whether It’s By Yourself or With a Group  

We are all for the individual explorers and wanderers who prefer to self-discover, which is why Amman Trail offers a great way for you to dive deep in some unique parts of the city with a self-guided tour that includes culture, art, food and history. 

Moreover, if you prefer to take some guided tours with stories along the way, there are many opportunities for you to do that and we have the answer for that solution too!

So on your free days in Amman, spend it by getting to know the city better and maybe even become a local yourself!

7. Venture for Views in Amman’s Countryside

It’s not just all hustle and bustle in the city, because Fuheis, a small town located between As-Salt and Amman has some amazing opportunities for you to soak up some greenery so close to the cityside. 

Also, more than just some greenery, there is a local brewery called Carakale where you can enjoy some locally handcrafted beers. If you’re looking for some food options, then definitely venture to Vines Restaurant, where you can also overlook the views of Fuheis. 

8. Pamper Yourself with some R&R

If you’re looking for a spa day in the city, then definitely don’t miss out on a Turkish hammam experience, which is a great addition to your travels, so you have enough energy for other activities. Alf Layla Wa Layla is a popular spa to enjoy a Turkish hammam, just be aware that the spas are separated and with cultural guidelines in Jordan, bring swimwear to feel more comfortable.  On top of spa time, you can also enjoy some r&r by watching some outdoor films. Places like the Royal Film Commission Jordan will often put on some outdoor films that are made by middle eastern and north african filmmakers. Moreover, the list doesn’t stop here, definitely ask some locals for some of their favorite pubs like Rustic, Pit Stop, Maestro and more for some local music nights. 

9. Summertime and It’s Time for Souk Jara

Souk Jara is a beloved open market that sells all kinds of handmade crafts made mostly from locals! It is located on Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman and is open on Fridays in the summer. So if you’re looking for souvenirs to take back home and maybe even hear some stories from the locals who make them, then Souk Jara is your place to go! 

10. Check Out the Royal Automobile Museum

While most of our recommendations are based in Jabal Amman, Downtown and Weibdeh, the Royal Automobile Museum is located in Amman’s 7th Circle and is located inside the Al Hussein Public Park. Enjoy some rarities of cars and history. Afterwards, you can take a walk in the park and maybe even enjoy a picnic!

Whether you are coming to Jordan or already here, we hope that you find some more unique things to do in Amman that soak in the history and enjoy its modernity. The only question is, how many things on this list are you going to check off? 

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