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10 Benefits of Traveling Alone You Should Know

Exploring yourself while traveling

There are many benefits of traveling alone, with some highlighting rediscovering ourselves or utilizing the opportunity to recharge and revitalize, especially when the ebb and flow of daily routine becomes overwhelming. While traveling alone might seem frightening or even a bit tedious, it might just lead you to live a more inspiring life, one full of adventure and resilience. 

Here are just some of the examples of traveling alone and if you’re looking to travel alone, but have pre-planned packages and itineraries set for you, then Global Tribes can certainly help with that. 

10 Benefits of Traveling Solo in 2022

  1. It is Cheaper
  2. The ability to choose your own route
  3. Easier to meet new people and make experiences
  4. Stepping out of the comfort zone
  5. Exploring our capabilities
  6. Problem-solving skill
  7. Easier to learn a new language
  8. Learn about yourself
  9. Maturity
  10. Independence 

1. A Happy Bank Account 

We can’t talk about travel without bringing up the financial aspect. Even if traveling with a group of friends might seem more enticing, depending on the activities included, you might just come to be surprised that it can actually become a bit more expensive than you anticipated. The reason being, is that the more people involved, the harder it is to negotiate or control certain things, from tickets to hotel, to food and transportation. Plus, at the end of the day, all of your expenses are coming from your pocket on things, places and food that you want to eat and see. 

2. You have the ability to choose your own route

When traveling with a group, it can be difficult to deviate away from the plan set, especially with various factors and activities at hand. More than often, someone has to make key decisions and therefore, you are depending on the group dynamic to choose your own route. Even when traveling with an agency as a solo traveler, you are still able to find the time, solace and peace you need to do certain things and free time, truly is just that…free. 

3. Easier to meet new people and experience new cultures

When traveling alone, you’re more likely to meet new people and experience new cultures without the barrier of someone alongside you. This gives you the bravery to make new connections, truly live in the moment and lastly, gives you more of a warm presence for those also experiencing traveling alone. 

4. Let’s step out of the comfort zone for a moment

The comfort zone can sometimes be the danger zone and the reason behind that is that when we travel with people, especially across borders, we are taking memories, key insights and even behaviors from back home. When traveling alone, you are truly living amongst locals, using your own self as a guide and lastly, going out of your comfort zone. 

5. One of the best benefits of traveling alone is exploring our capabilities 

Stepping out of your comfort zone to experience new capabilities about yourself is just as important as the travel experience itself. When you are traveling alone, you have to rely on yourself for decision making, emotional intelligence, good planning and lastly, have the chance to disconnect from chatter or clutter. Even when traveling alone as part of an agency, there will always be opportunities where you have free time to see if your decision and mapping skills are intact. 

6. Problem Solving skills, here we come

Be part of your own solution, which can also lead to being and feeling empowered. Problem solving comes down to everything, from the moment you make the decision to travel alone to the key decision you make to start experiencing, it’s all part of the journey. 

7. Hello Bilingual, we see you learning how to say Hello in Arabic

One of the most important benefits of traveling alone is the many opportunities you have to be diverse in many different languages, especially in a foreign land. So don’t be afraid to put your linguistic skills to test or even pick up a few phrases from a local or two. 

8. The Journey of Getting Lost

Being able to find your way around, redirect and work towards finding yourself is even more important than the traveling experience itself. And by lost, we don’t mean directionally, but sometimes getting lost in the present moments of having to relearn how to find yourself, as frightening as that seems. 

9. Growing up is no longer an option, it’s inevitable now!

Under difficult circumstances that you may face if you travel alone, you will be forced to make quick decisions that you have to bear the consequences alone, as you are responsible for your own self now and you have booked for yourself the strongest course for maturity by traveling alone

10. Independent and liberating experience, and those are not political promises

One of the most important aspects of traveling alone is that it allows you to transcend borders, meet with new people of different cultures and backgrounds, finding commonalities, even differences. That is something that no school or institution can teach you and you reap even more benefits when alone. 


Time to pack some of your self help books and anything adventure related to get started on your journey. Thankfully, at Global Tribes, we have got the solution to ease you into solo traveling with experiences and adventures that you can start on your own by booking through us. We take some of the planning away from hand. What are some other benefits you have seen from solo traveling? Share with us!

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