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Jordan Honeymoon Destinations for 2023 – The Only List You Need

Jordan is not only the country containing one of the seven wonders of the world but was also granted the ‘Middle East’s Most Romantic Destination and ‘Middle East’s Leading Honeymoon Destination’ by the World Travel Awards. There are over 50 words for love in the Arabic language, compared to 12 in English, so it is by no surprise that Jordan is a great place for you and yours. So as you’re planning your romantic getaway, here are some of the Jordan Honeymoon Destinations for 2023 and most arguably the only list you need. 

South of Jordan – The Most Popular Jordan Honeymoon Destinations 

A mix between nature, desert and the sea 

1. Dana – One of the Best Secrets in Jordan and Most Missed Jordan Honeymoon Destination! 

Dana Biosphere Reserve is one of the best secrets in Jordan and also one of the most missed opportunities by many travelers when visiting the South. It is Jordan’s largest nature reserve and holds some spectacular views, immaculate photography opportunities and hiking trails. With culture still preserved and intact today, the Dana village also highlights stone houses that are still lived in today. What makes this the perfect place for a romantic getaway is the slow pace of life in Dana Biosphere Reserve and the quietness away from the bustle of the city. This is a great place for the adventurous couple who love to hike, enjoy nature and want something a bit more isolated and remote. It is also one of the Jordan destinations that is popular for its ecotourism, so if you’re a responsible traveler, this is the place for you. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Nature and Adventure

🏩 Places to Stay: Dana Guesthouse and Feynan Ecolodge

🎯 Activities to Try: Hiking, Visiting Dana Village, See the Copper Mines

Dana Reserve
Dana Reserve

2. Wadi Rum – Leave Earth, Enter Mars

Wadi Rum is a Jordan destination that is out of this world, quite literally. Used as the backdrop for many films. When visiting Wadi Rum, it is almost as if you’re leaving this earth and departing to mars. What makes Wadi Rum a romantic destination for couples is the fact that it is quiet at night, has plenty of opportunities for stargazing and of course, being in the desert is just the perfect place to lounge and enjoy the company of your loved one. You can enjoy a dinner under the stars, opt for a camp or indulge in a luxurious bubble and with the red sand at your feet, don’t be afraid to take off your shoes and dig your feet right in for some moments of grounding. With some of the most friendly people in Jordan too, the Wadi Rum Bedouins are used to many couples coming for their honeymoon, which means that you will be treated with so many hidden gems while visiting. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Desert, Relaxation and Adventure

🏩 Places to Stay: Eco Camps or Bubbles

🎯 Activities to Try: Stargazing, Dinner, 4×4 Tour

Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum

3. Petra – The Red Rose City 

Petra or lovingly known to the locals as the Red Rose City is one of the most amazing places in the world, which is why it is deemed one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is often a place that you cannot miss visiting when going to Jordan and one of the most popular sites in the country, which can sometimes also mean that it gets quite crowded. So if you’re looking for an alternative to visit the Red Rose City, try to come during the off-season or on weekdays when the crowd dissipates slightly. There are many things to do in Petra for lovers and one of the most popular places and musts is taking the hike to the best viewpoint in Petra, seeing the treasury from above. Located away from the visitors center, you will enter the Siq, then go to the end of the trail and up to a magnificent view where you can take photos with your loved one. For the hikers, you can go from Petra to Little Petra or visit the Jordan Trail website to see hikes in the area as well. You can go from Petra to Wadi Rum to Dana to Aqaba. Petra is also a fun honeymoon destination as there is so much to see and so many amazing people you’ll meet along the way. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Desert, Relaxation and Adventure

🏩 Places to Stay: Movenpick Resort for luxury, Infinity Lounge for mid-range and La Maison for budget

🎯 Activities to Try: Hiking Viewpoint, trying Bedouin Tea, Little Petra sightseeing


4. Aqaba – A Sea Oasis 

Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and holds some amazing sights to see. Located next to Wadi Rum and Petra, it is known as the triangle of tourism because of its proximity. One of the most beautiful aspects of Aqaba is that it is the perfect place for lounging. So if you’re coming from the desert, you will have a chance to lounge and enjoy some sea activities. Some of the most popular activities for couples is going to the beach clubs, like B12 in Ayla for some delicious foods and drinks or going diving. And of course, one of the most unique activities you can do in Aqaba goes on a glass-bottomed boat where you can see the ocean world beneath your feet. The nightlife in Aqaba is also perfect for gastronomy lovers to go on a nice date and enjoy some drinks as well. So get your best sea outfits and enjoy this coastal beauty in the country. 

Luckily enough, we have a whole blog post about 10 Unique Things to Do in Aqaba, so check it out for some more suggestions on honeymoon activity ideas!

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Sea, Lounging, Relaxation

🏩 Places to Stay: Tala Bay, Ayla Resort, Cloud 7 

🎯 Activities to Try: Diving, Glass-Bottomed Boat Cruise, Lounging at a Beach Club


Middle of Jordan – For the City Lovin’ Jordan Honeymoon Destinations

Where the past and the present meet 

4. Dead Sea – The Lowest Point on Earth and Unique Jordan Honeymoon Destination! 

Similar to Aqaba, the Dead Sea is another romantic getaway for lounging and dining. Known as the lowest point on earth, you can go into the sea for some amazing healing properties and the chance to mask yourself with mud from head to toe. And as you float, you can hold hands with your loved one as there is no option for sinking while in the Dead Sea. As far as romantic activities to do, many couples opt for staying at a hotel with private access to the sea as pools. Then, for dinner and evening entertainment, you can get dressed up and visit the Samara Mall for many lounging options or simply stay at the hotel restaurant as well. While there aren’t many activities to do around the area, there is accessibility to the Ma’in Hot Springs and Panorama views. If you’re renting your car, you can most definitely explore the area. Enjoy a dead sea honeymoon. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Pool, Sea, Lounging, Food, Relaxation

🏩 Places to Stay: Kempinski, Dead Sea Marriott or Ma’in Hot Springs

🎯 Activities to Try: Mud Mask from the Dead Sea and Swimming at the Pool

Dead Sea
Dead Sea

2. Amman – A Bridge Between the Past and Present

The Dead Sea is very close to Amman, the capital city of Jordan and while Amman is a hustling and bustling city, it is a wonder in the fact that it is a bridge between the past and present. One of the most popular attractions for couples, including local couples is going to the Amman Citadel where you can take photos under the Temple of Hercules and if you’re lucky to come during the winter, you might just be able to stay under the citadel as the sun sets, which shows some of the best views of Amman. Afterward, you can venture to Downtown Amman for some delicious local food, visit the fruit markets and go to one of the old neighborhoods like Jabal Weibdeh for some coffee. If your honeymoon in Jordan, you will land in Amman, so you can always spend your first or last day exploring the capital city. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Sightseeing, Food and Walking

🏩 Places to Stay: Crowne Plaza Amman, W Amman, Centro Mada

🎯 Activities to Try: City Walking Tour, Local Food Tasting and Sightseeing


3. As-Salt – A UNESCO World Wander and Unexpected Jordan Honeymoon Destination

Located in the North West of Amman, about a 45-minute drive from the capital, this city has some unique architectural styles highlighted in homes and in the streets. As-Salt became one of the six Jordanian landmarks, mostly considered for its unique architectural style and preservation of culture. While visiting As-Salt, you most definitely won’t want to miss out on going to the As-Salt Archeological Museum where you can go to the top for a view of the city and then go to Al-Hammam street for some local products and fresh produce from the area. And of course, the beautiful St. George Orthodox Church that was built in the 1600s in a Cave. For the food lovers, there are many places to go sit and enjoy some local food or simply enjoy a cup of tea and/or coffee. And located next to As-Salt City, there is the countryside where you can stay in a nice lodge and resort. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Sightseeing, Food and Walking

🏩 Places to Stay: Mountain Breeze Lodge & Resort, Jordan Heritage Madhafa

🎯 Activities to Try: City Tour, Trying on Traditional Clothing, Eating Local Food 


4. Madaba – To The Mountains 

Madaba is a city of almost two million mosaic pieces and holds a lot of religious symbolism. While visiting Madaba you can opt to go to the city for a tour of all the famous places, such as the St. George Greek Orthodox Church or the Madaba Archeological Museum, but then you can head to the mountains for some beautiful views and even more history. Mt. Nebo, which is located next to the city, is believed to be the spot where Moses stood on to view the sacred Promised Land and on a clear day, many visitors have reported that you can see the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. After visiting Madaba, you can either go to Mukawir for a short hike and picnic at the  Mukawir Fortress or go to the Jordan River to see where Jesus was baptized. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Sightseeing, Walking and Adventure 

🏩 Places to Stay:  Mt. Nebo Hotel and Restaurant, Saint John Hotel

🎯 Activities to Try: Hike Mukawir Fortress. City Tour of Madaba, Go to the Top of Mt. Nebo. 


North of Jordan – Naturescape Jordan Honeymoon Destinations 

A hidden gem with naturescapes galore 

1. Jerash – Roman Ruins and Greenery 

The North of Jordan is one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations as Jordan is not very synonymous with greenery. Every part of Jordan holds different aspects to the way in which culture is preserved and practiced. For instance, in the South of Jordan, you have Bedouins whereas in the North you have many farmers. Jerash is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jordan, especially if you’re visiting during the spring when you can see many flora and fauna. Go on an archeological tour where you can see the Jerash Ruins and learn more about its history and then if you have time, venture to its neighboring city Ajloun where you can find many easy and fun hiking trails. Of course, there’s also the food of the North that cannot be missed when driving to the North by stopping at a restaurant along the way.

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Sightseeing, Walking, Hiking and Adventure

🏩 Places to Stay: Jerash Dibeen Eco Farm House, Ajloun Forest Reserve 

🎯 Activities to Try: Sightseeing the Ruins and Castle, Hiking the Zoubia or Dibeen Forest, Local Food Tasting


2. Tabaqat Fahl – Oh Pella, You are Bella 

Pella, oh so Bella! Especially if you drive from As-Salt and go through the Jordan Valley as the views are absolutely breathtaking. As far as history, it is from the Bronze, and Iron Ages to the Umayyad and Maluks and was inhabited for almost 6,000 years. Located so close to the Jordan valley, it can be lush and green during certain times of the year and sometimes when photographing it, the scenery is not something you would necessarily think to find in Jordan as the rolling hills are green. This is a place where you can go to visit for the day and see the greenery and revel in it. For romantic places to stay, there is Beit al Fanan that is located on the mountaintop and is absolutely beautiful for the couple and includes a local breakfast made by a Tabaqat Fahl resident the next day. 

❤️ Romantic Getaway Type: Sightseeing, Walking and Hiking

🏩 Places to Stay: Beit al Fanan

🎯 Activities to Try: Sightseeing, Enjoying Local Products and Products from Jordan Valley 

Tabaqat Fahl
Tabaqat Fahl

Jordan, named one of the most romantic getaway destinations and granted as the Middle East’s Most Romantic Destinations and Middle East’s Leading Honeymoon Destinations should absolutely be on your list for 2023 and if you’re looking for the online traveling platform to help you plan all your romantic activities, then look no further than Global Tribes where we have packages beginning from 3 days to 14 days, but we most certainly suggest a two week honeymoon getaway if you want to get the full breadth of the country.

What do you think about Jordan Honeymoon destinations? have you experienced any?

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