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What Are The Best Times to Visit Zanzibar? Here is the Answer So You Can Book Now!

Zanzibar, the Tanzanian Archipelago (bonus points if you know what an archipelago is because you paid attention in geography) is located off the coast in East Africa and is known for its incredible beaches, diverse culture and unique history. 

The best part of Zanzibar is that you can either live the “pole pole” lifestyle, meaning “slow slow” in Swahili or go on a complete adventure, it’s all up to you. 

But, what are the best times to visit Zanzibar? 

Thanks to the geographical location of the island, most times of the year are extremely pleasant with sunny weather and great conditions. However, even though the island stays pleasantly warm, it can still be met with rain. 

When is the High Season in Zanzibar?

The high season begins from June to October and just so happens to be the best time to go on safari as well. But, with any decision to go during high season, you must be prepared for the crowds of tourists and an increase in charges when it comes to accommodation or activities. 

Safari coincides with the high season as well! But, with any decision to go to a destination during high season, be prepared for crowds of tourists, surcharges on accommodation and transportation and

Safari coincides with the high season as well! But, with any decision to go to a destination during high season, just be prepared for a mix of pros and cons. 


  • Great weather
  • Plenty of activities to do seaside 
  • Clear beaches and conditions for going snorkeling and swimming with mammals
  • Visibility of animals 


  • A high crowd of tourists
  • Additional charges due to the surge of high season
  • Some inaccessibility of activities due to the high crowds

But, with any high season, it shouldn’t steer you away from visiting, especially if you are planning a great trip to go see the island. With some good planning and working with a travel agency, you can ensure that your trip, even during high season, isn’t a hassle. 

How is Zanzibar During the Low Season? 

While Zanzibar is most popular during the high season due to its weather conditions, thankfully, you can still visit the island during the low season due to its weather as well. Since Zanzibar is an archipelago, it thankfully doesn’t have a full range of weather conditions, although, it is to be expected that there is a short and long rainy season. 

During the short rainy season from November and December, you might be met with some rainfalls, which could actually be a romantic escape for you and your loved one, but you can still have plenty of things to do and see. 

While it does rain, the weather still stays relatively warm and hotels, tours, flights and activities are still operating. 

One of the biggest perks of going during the low season is the fact that you will be met with fewer crowds and if you’re able to plan your trip in November, it is even better than December, because of the holiday season. 

Unfortunately, like with many destinations, Zanzibar also gets met with some high crowds of tourists during the holiday season as it is a unique place to go visit during the holidays for many people that live in colder climates.

But, to be aware, if you do decide to go during the holiday season, just remember to ensure that your hotel is clear about the number of minimum days you need to stay and what is inclusive of the holidays that will make your trip all the more worthwhile. 

What are Some Activities I Can Do During The Rainy Season

Now, with the long rain season, it is suggested that you avoid Zanzibar altogether as the rainfall will be heavy and most people will not operate certain tours or activities. 

However, during the short rainy season, Zanzibar becomes a place where you can explore some time for yourself with some relaxing activities. Most travelers that visit during the short rainy season like to do relaxing activities like spas, massages or even taking up a cooking class. Imagine being able to learn something new and exciting on vacation.

The cool thing about the rainy season is that the rain typically disappears during the evening time, so you can still opt for a sunset cruise or activities on the sand. 

Bonus, bonus, is that prices will most definitely be cheaper during these months. 

Bonus, bonus, bonus: For business people or digital nomads, the short rainy season proves to be a good place to work and get away. Bleisure is where it is at.

Now, while Zanzibar can technically be visited year-round, you might not be able to enjoy beach activities when there is humidity and long rainfall between January and March, however, during this time, anywhere else in Tanzania provides some more activities you can do, like going to the national parks or visiting Safari or staying on those resorts. Now, we have some tourist attractions to visit during your stay in Tanzania, so you can refer to that if you’re thinking about going during the very low season months. 

So while Zanzibar is a year-round destination, we most definitely think the best times to visit Zanzibar are during the high and mid-season. During these times, you will still get all the perks of living the “pole pole” lifestyle, but still indulging in activities. So whether it is investing a bit more during your summer vacation or simply taking a holiday away from a holiday at home (inception), we most certainly agree that the best times and easiest times are when you can also let the planning go to us

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